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Energy Management for Smart Home

Smart Home Energy Management system (SHEMS) which monitors and controls the loads existing in a residential home and manages the available energy effectively. It plays a significant role in smart grid environment and helps in regulating the wastage of energy at residential homes. It provides a homeowner the ability to automatically perform smart load ON/OFF switching based on generation power and home owner preference and load priorities. This project contains two main parts for reduce energy consumption and energy management. First part the consumer can be managing the mode of our load, in this project have three modes for load management that it is (ECO, AUTO & MANUAL) that control appliances remotely by using internet protocol (IP) via Web server according to save energy, reduce bill. The second part which contains distribution and billing center in effective utilization of the energy available and minimization of the electricity over load in crash hour and energy wastage, the (SHEMS) control algorithm to perform load control is analyzed along with the power consumption details. It employs an embedded micro – web server in Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller, with IP connectivity for accessing and controlling devices and appliances remotely. The project aims to provide a clear picture of a home’s current and power usage, and through this data provide an estimate to power consumption. The project also aims to identify which devices turn on and off by analysis of this current data. The goal of provided such data to a user is that they will optimize and reduce their power usage. Keywords- power meter, microcontroller and Arduino, sensors, home automation, IP and web server.