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Bidirectional Ac/Dc Converter PWM Strategy to Reduce Switching Loss with Feed Forward Control in Grid-Tied Micro Grid System

This paper proposes the simplified pulse width modulation (PWM ) strategy in the bidirectional ac/dc single-phase converter with the feed-forward control scheme. In this, the number of switching of the proposed simplified PWM strategy is reduced to one-fourth to that of the unipolar & bipolar PWM. The feed-forward control scheme is used to achieve better performance of the ac/dc converter in both the rectifier & inverter mode as compared with the conventional dual-loop control scheme. The simplified PWM strategy with feed-forward control scheme has higher efficiency than that of the unipolar PWM & bipolar PWM strategies. Also, the total harmonic distortion is less in this PWM strategy. The simulation & experiments are carried out to verify the validity of the proposed PWM strategy & control scheme. Keywords- Simplified PWM strategy, Feed-forward control, Bidirectional ac/dc converter.