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Alert Notification Service For Points Of Interest

Navigation and finding Point of Interest (POI) using location based applications is an integral part of mobile/tablet eco-system. GPS (Global Positioning System) is a wonderful technology that provides a unique way for city travel analysis other than the traditional travel diary data. Generally raw GPS data will not include information about trip activites or purposes. Earlier studies are mostly based on a combination of computer (tablet)-assisted data proxessing and manual steps. However geographical context database provide us with the ease of automatic identification of trajectories using GPS. This paper aims at finding all the available POIs from the starting point of journey to the ending point of journey using GPS which is fully automatic and alerts the user as the POI arrives. This paper comapres different possible technologies for finding out the POIs and presents a novel approach using spatial and temporal way of finding of POIs (Point of Interests) from raw GPS trajectory. Finally, the evaluation of proposed approach using the real time data is done using GPS tracked data.