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Rhodamine-6G based Highly Sensitive and Selective Chromogenicchemosensor for Cu2+ ion in Aqueous Medium

Public concern over the accumulation of toxic ions in human and environment hasinspired scientific community to develop new chemosensor. Rhodamine based chemosensor has been widely used for opto-functional studies. In this study, a novel Rhodamine 6G basedchemosensor ((E)-3',6'-bis(ethylamino)-2-(2-hydroxybenzylideneamino)-2',7'- dimethylspiro[isoindoline-1,9'-xanthen]-3-one) was synthesized by the addition of aldehyde to rhodamine hydrazide. The sensor molecules showed optical signal such as absorption and fluorescence for visual detection of Cu2+over competitive ions (Fe3+,Pb2+,Mg2+,Co2+,Ni2+) exhibiting a fast response time, less than seconds and detection limit of 1x10-7mol/L at neutral pH medium.The synthesis of chemosensor was further confirmed by 1HNMR and 13CNMR. The mechanism behind the formation of metal ligand complex is due tospirolactam ring opening. The results from this study can be used for detection of Cu (II) in environmental samples. Keywords - Rhodamine 6G, Chemosensor, absorption, fluorescence, metal ions.