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Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing to Anathagiri Tropical Forest in Vikarabad District of Telangana

Since the dispatch of the primary non military personnel earth-watching satellite in 1972, satellite remote detecting has given progressively refined data on the structure and capacity of forested biological communities. Woods arrangement and mapping, basic employments of satellite information, have enhanced throughout the years thus of all the more segregating sensors, better grouping calculations, and the utilization of geographic data frameworks to join extra spatially referenced information, can now be identified and rates of progress figured by superimposing satellite pictures taken at various dates. Scene environmental inquiries with respect to scene design and the factors controlling watched examples can be tended to utilizing satellite symbolism as can ranger service and natural inquiries in regards to spatial varieties in physiological attributes, efficiency, progression designs, woodland structure, and timberland decrease. Keywords - satellite, remote sensing, forest ecosystems, GIS, monitoring.