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Treatment of Hospital Wastewater using Electrochemical Method

In this study, treatment of hospital wastewater by electrocoagulation process in batch mode was investigated. The response surface methodology was used to determine the optimum operating conditions such as initial pH, electrocoagulation time and current for COD removal and electrode consumption. The responses were related to maximize COD removal and minimize electrode consumption. A set of 20 experiments was performed by electrocoagulation process using iron electrodes. At the end of this study, a quadratic model was obtained for electrode consumption and COD removal with R2 0.9991 and 0.9565. At the end of this study, the optimum operation conditions were found for initial pH 8, EC time 120 minutes and current 0.5 A and obtained COD removal efficiency of 92.3 % and electrode consumption of 1.94 gram/L of wastewater treated. Keywords - Hospital wastewater, Electrocoagulation, RSM, Optimization.