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Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm For Voltage Stability Enhancement And Real Power Loss Minimisation

-Voltage stability is an essential feature of a good power distribution system. Optimizing power losses and voltage stability can bring about quality in power distribution systems. Transformer taps are tuned along with unified power flow controller and optimal location. This problem is considered to be a problem having both equality and inequality constrained where the objective function involves voltage stability limit and power loss. The existing solution to this problem is an evolutionary algorithm known as bacteria forging. Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have been around for many years for solving optimization problems. EAs are inspired by the biological evolution. In this paper we proposed a novel Evolution Algorithm known as “Imperialistic Competition Algorithm (ICA)”to solve the problem. Multiple variables and objective functions are involved in this algorithm. The variables include transformer tap positions, series injected voltage, and the location of unified power flow controller. The simulations are made in MATLAB. The empirical results revealed that the proposed algorithm is effective.