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Improvement Of Dynamic Stability Using Conventional, Fuzzy Controlled And PSO Power System Stabilizer

This paper presents the design of conventional (state feedback PSS)and fuzzy logic based and Particle Swarm Optimization, power system stabilizer for damping low frequency oscillations and enhancing power system dynamic stability of a single machine connected to an infinite bus under different loading conditions. In the proposed fuzzy expert system; generator speed deviation signal and its derivative are chosen as input signals to the fuzzy logic PSS. The parameters of fuzzy logic controller have been tuned using intuition method. To validate the design, different magnitudes of disturbance in the reference voltage are applied to the system and the results of both stabilizers are compared. The simulation studies show that the fuzzy stabilizer and as well as Particle Swarm Optimization, provides a relatively better performance in terms of overshoot and damping of oscillations comparable to that of the state feedback PSS over a wide range of operating conditions