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High Step-Up DC-DC Converter for PV Grid-Connected Applications

This paper deals with a new high step-up DC-DC converter suitable for photovoltaic applications is investigated. Boosting the low input voltage in the proposed topology is implemented by using coupled inductors and one semiconductor switch. By using a passive regenerative clamp circuit, the energy of leakage inductor is absorbed and this provides a wider possible Moreover, in high duty cycles, high conduction losses and serious reverse recovery problems are caused. Switched capacitors are used to achieve high step up conversion ratio Converter. However, in these converters as voltage gain increases number of required components increase, which results in higher cost. Using just one semiconductor switch with low voltage rating and soft turn on, results in lower switching losses and higher efficiency.. In this topology, bipolar outputs are generated and by connecting the negative terminal of the PV module to the output neutral point, easy control due to employing one MOSFET switch is another feature of this topology. Analysis and principal operation of the circuit has been evaluated. The results of proposed work confirmed by using MATLAB/ simulation environment. Index Terms - DC-DC converter, High step-up, coupled inductor, ground leakage current.