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Wireless Power Transfer based Street Light System

Wireless power transfer (WPT) using magnetic resonance is the technology which could set human free from the annoying wires. The concept can be used efficiently in Electricity to minimize Cost, losses and maximize the Efficiency. In fact, the WPT adopts the same basic theory which has already been developed for at least 30 years with the term inductive power transfer (IPT). WPT technology is developing rapidly in recent years. At kilowatts power level, the transfer distance increases from several millimetres to several hundred millimetres with a grid to load efficiency above 90%. In proposed system we are developing a Wireless Power transmission system in which Vehicles Battery power is used to feed a street light system. Generally any road have more than thousand vehicles running on it per day. If we collect energy from each vehicle without hampering its operation this energy can be used for feeding street lights on that road. Index terms - Inductive power transfer (IPT), Wireless power transfer (WPT).