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Performance Investigation of 64 Channel DWDM System Using Hybrid Optical Amplifiers in Pre, Post and Symmetrical Power Compensation Techniques

In this paper 64 channel DWDM system at channel spacing of 15.8 GHz using HOA amplification has been investigated. Gain of 15 dB and 27 dB after 1st and 2nd stage with variations of less than 2 dB have been observed respectively. It have been analyzed that using symmetrical configuration, system has shown better gain. Symmetrical configuration is best among all configurations; it has shown gain in between of 18 and 21 dB. Post power amplification shown gain between 15 dB to 19 dB. Index Terms- Bandwidth, DWDM, Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier, Raman Gain, Hybrid Optical Amplification.