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VSC Inverter with Fuzzy Controller for Non Linear and Unbalanced Loads

In this paper, model predictive control is applied tocontrol a three-phase inverter. Model predictive control (MPC) isknown for its simplicity and ease of use. The discussed inverter isgenerating pure sinusoidal voltages for sensitive applications. Such as uninterruptable power supply systems with low voltage total harmonic distortion (THD) demand. This method uses themodel of the system to predict the behavior of the voltage on thenext sampling interval for each possible switching state. A costfunction is also used to decide which switching state to be appliedbased on minimizing the voltage deviations from the referencevalue and switching losses. Simulations have been done usingPSCAD/MA TLAB interfacing and results show the feasibility ofMPC to control inverters feeding linear, nonlinear or un balanced loads. Keywords-voltage source inverter; model predictive control Total harmonic distortion, Nonlinear and Unbalanced Loads.