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A Flexible-Speed Control of BLDC Motor Drive with Fuzzy Based PFC Bridgeless Buck–Boost Converter

For small-power applications a power factor corrected (PFC) bridgeless buck–boost converter-fed brushless direct current (BLDC) motor drive as a low cost key. PFCBL buck–boost converter is designed to work in discontinuous inductor current mode (DICM) to offer an inherent PFC at ac mains. The working of the proposed drive is calculated over a wide range of speed control and unstable supply voltages with improved power quality at ac mains. The obtained power quality indices are within the acceptable limits of international power quality standards a single voltage sensor is used by controlling the dc link voltage of the voltage source inverter (VSI) in BLDC motor speed control. This provides the operation of VSI at fundamental frequency switching by using the electronic commutation of the BLDC motor which offers reduced switching losses. A Bridgeless (BL) configuration of the buck–boost converter is proposed which offers the elimination of the diode bridge rectifier, thus reducing the conduction losses associated with it. The performance of the proposed drive is simulated in MATLAB/Simulink. Keywords - Power Quality, Bridgeless (BL) Buck–Boost Converter, BLDC) Motor, Discontinuous Inductor Current Mode (DICM), Power Factor Corrected (PFC).