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3-Level Neutral Point Diode Clamped Converter is Used to Control SRM

In this paper, 3-level neutral point diode clamped (NPDC) converter fed SRM is compared with two-level half bridge converter in asymmetric mode fed to SRM. Also the 3-level NPDC converter fed SRM drive is simulated in closed loop to achieve constant speed, using Proportional Integral (PI) and Fuzzy Logic controllers (FLC) as speed controllers. The simulation results show the better performance of 3-level NPDC converter over the asymmetric two level half bridge converter in terms of less ripple current and also the fuzzy logic controlled SRM gives the better speed controlling action than that of the conventional PI controller action. The simulation is carried out in SIMULNIK environment using MATLAB R2012b version. Keywords - Switched Reluctance Motor, clamped converter, NPC converter, fuzzy logic controller.