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Intelligent Voice Controlled Home Automation System With WSN

Automation is a trending topic in the 21st century making it play an important role in our daily lives. The main attraction of any automated system is reducing human labour, effort, time and errors due to human negligence. With the development of modern technology, smart phones have become a necessity for every person on this planet. Applications are being developed on Android systems that are useful to us in various ways. Another upcoming technology is WSN. A wireless sensor network is a wireless network which incorporates a gateway that provides wireless connectivity back to the wired world and distributed nodes. The wireless sensor networks are widely used in automation to offers various advantages and new challenges. The Speech recognition is done by using a commercial speech recognition engine (SVM Classifier). The speech recognition system will act as a hub within the Home to receive and delegate user commands to Different switching and control systems. Combining all of these, our paper presents a micro controller based voice controlled home automation system using smart-phones. Such a system will enable users to have control over every appliance in his/her home with their voice. All that the user needs is an Android smart-phone, which is present in almost everybody’s hand nowadays, and a control circuit. Keywords- Home Automation, WSN, Android smart phone, speech Recognition, SVM.