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Intuitive Vehicle Theft Control System

In today’s world almost every common man owns a vehicle. Theft is a common issue which everyone faces in parking and sometimes driving near insecure places. Vehicle security and accident prevention is more challenging. So in order to bring a solution for this problem the proposed system can be implemented. The vehicle anti-theft system presented here consists of multiple layers of protection with one complementing the other, rather than the conventional anti-theft system where a particular system is only being used. The first layer of protection in the system is a Key recognition, based on which the doors are opened. The Key matching is done by Key recognition scheme. Also to prevent thieves from breaking the glass and getting inside the vehicle, vibration sensors are used in all the windows with a threshold level to prevent false alarms. Further to prevent the seizure of the vehicle, Tyre pressure sensor is also being used which also alerts the owner through a mobile message. The seized vehicle can be tracked using a GPS tracker which is also being attached. The different layers of protection defined are controlled by an ARM Cortex M-3 based controller acting as the central node. The experimental results proved the functionality of the anti-theft system in working environment. It can also prove beneficial to find out the exact location of the accident. This work also attempt to design a system using global positioning system (GPS) to determine the precise location of an object, person or other asset to which it is attached and to transmit this information using GSM. Keywords- ARM Cortex M-3, GSM, GPS, Vehicle tracking and locking, Anti Theft Mechanism.