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Simulation of Patch Antenna by Mistreatment Koch Snow Flake Geometry

This project deals with micro strip patch antenna having Koch Snow flake Geometry. The antenna has been designed by increasing the perimeters of triangular shape patch by using self-similarity property. The multiband natures obtained, by designing antenna up to 1stiteration. The designed antenna operates in two frequency bands for different applications. First frequency band is band is 8.5GHz-9.0GHz is used for radio locations & second is 10GHz–10.45GHz is used for Amateur radio applications. The designed antenna is fed by a 50-Ω co-axial line and substrate having dimension 80(L) ×80(W) ×1.5(h). This antenna shows direction al radiation pattern sin the frequency bands for wireless applications. Keywords - HFSS, Co-axial, Koch Snowflake