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Solar Power Motor Speed Control Using Android Application

The DC motors are widely used for variable speed drive system in industrial applications such as industrial automation, electric traction, aircraft, military equipment, hard disk drives because of their high efficiency, silent operation, compact, reliability and low maintenance. Due to the advancement of wireless technology, there are several connections are introduced such as GSM, Wi-Fi, ZIGBEE and Bluetooth. Each of the connection has their own unique specifications and applications. Among these wireless connections, Bluetooth technology often implemented. The speed control was implemented using Bluetooth technology to provide communication access from smart phone. Communication plays a major role in day today’s life and can be used as a better tool in control system. It deals with wireless communication and voice recognition and is used to control the motor speed. On the other hand we have ARDUINO UNO platform that we can use to quickly prototype electronic systems. It enables a person to work around independently using a touch screen and voice recognition applications which is interfaced with motors using ARDUINO UNO microcontroller. This can also be controlled through simple voice commands. In addition to this IR sensor is used to sense the motor speed and in turn speed of the motor can be received via Bluetooth to the android mobile. Keywords- ARDUINO, Android mobile, DC Motor, IR Speed sensor