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Design of KOGGE-Stone For Fast Addition

In this paper, we propose a Kogge-Stone Adder (KSA) with low power consumption and delay. Usually, Ripple Carry Adders (RCA) are preferred for addition of two N-bit numbers as these RCAs provide fast design time among all types of conventional methods. However, RCA’s have limitation that every full adder blocks must wait till carry bits generated from previous blocks of full adder. In this paper we implemented Kogge-Stone Adder which is a parallel prefix form Carry Look Ahead (CLA) adder. Parallel prefix adders (PPA) are tree based structure which speed up the binary addition. Hence prefix adders are used for fast addition algorithms. The experimental result shows that the addition by using Kogge-Stone Adder reduces power consumption and delay in comparison with other conventional logics. Key Words- Parallel Prefix Adder, CLA, RCA, delay, Power Consumption.