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Evaluating the Barriers for Solar Energy Application to Indian Industrial Sector

India ranks sixth in the world in total energy consumption and Industrial sector in India alone consumes nearly 45% of the total energy. The balance between demand and supply of power is not being able to achieve, in spite of numerous growth in power generation over the years. With the ‘Make in India’ initiative of putting manufacturing at the heart of India’s development will require a tremendous rise in the energy needed. Industry-based growth will require more energy per unit of value in comparison to the energy needed by the services sector. To meet this demand, the country needs to make a major shift to renewable energy sources. Among the various renewable energy resources, solar energy potential is the highest in the country. Hence, the abundant solar energy in the country will help in improving the energy efficiency levels in the Industries; creating a balance between economic development and environmental sustainability. However, considering solar technology for Industries face a lot of Financial, Social, Informative, Regulatory and Site Barriers, which can be overcome by proposing simple and clear business models for the sector covering all the parameters in detail, so as for smooth operation between solar technology providers and industries. Keywords - Economic development, Energy Consumption, Industrial Sector, Power Demand, Solar Energy