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A Hybrid Vehicle Configuration with Zero Emission

The search for alternatives to petroleum economy, in automotive field, must satisfy the energy requirements and to offer, at least, the same performance than conventional vehicles. This work proposes a vehicle configuration that satisfies its real energy requirements and also obtains a zero level of noxious emissions. This topology is constituted by a fuel cell, a battery and a bank of ultracapacitors. Once the energetic supply is guaranteed, the second problem consists on the power delivery control strategy. The importance of this control is to optimize the hybrid vehicle components operation mode. By means of simulations, this work shows the deficiencies of current control systems with respect to the supply and the energetic efficiency. Moreover, it suggests using a fuzzy control in the proposed topology in order to optimize the efficiency. This control policy is currently being developed by the author. electric vehicle, fuel cell, fuzzy control. Keywords - electric vehicle, fuel cell, fuzzy control