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Upgraded Wearable Device for Riders Safety with Gloves

In present time many cases of bike accident can be seen around us. The idea is obtained after knowing that the increasing number of fatal road accidents over the years is cause for concern among Motorcyclists. Continuously road rules are violated. So as to overcome these problems, upgraded helmet is proposed having a control system built inside a bike and helmet. Smart Helmet along with glove for Motorcyclist is a project undertaken to increase the rate of road safety among Motorcyclists. It consist of transmitter and a receiver system. the bike will not get start without wearing helmet by the user, also for driver detection we have specially designed gloves in our project, this ensure that the rider itself is wearing the helmet , when both parameters are detected in the ignition of bike will get start. Security system applied in this project meet the characteristics of a perfect rider and the application should be highlighted. The project is expected to improve safety and reduce accidents. Keywords- gloves, wearable device, security measures, smart helmet.