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FIR Filter Design using an Adjustable Window Function & Justification with Different Windows

In this paper a window function is explained with regulated variable value and the window is compared with hamming, kaiser, blackman, hanning& another proposed window. Besides FIR filters designed using the window function & other windows mentioned above, are compared. The result implies that the sidelobe roll off ratio of the proposed window with regulated variable(0.0009) is 71.76dB where blackman, hanning, hamming, Kaiser & another proposed windows have 43.22dB, 55.71dB, 7.34dB, 18.96dB, 34.25dB, respectively while for the proposed window with variable value 0.18 has side-lobe roll off ratio 24.65dB. Indexterms - Window function, FIR filter, Hamming, Hanning, Kaiser, Blackman.