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Use the Instruction Program to Simulate the Experiences of Electronic

This study aimed at the effect of using a computer education program in a survey . Experiments transistor in the collection of first-grade students at the Technical Institute compared to the traditional way of conducting experiments in Laboratory .The study sample consisted of 120 male and female students using computerized tests conducted with an educational program to ensure the credibility and stability of the software program displays the Multisim in educational programs designed The research found many of the conclusions, including: - The effectiveness of simulation method of overcoming the difficulty of understanding the topics electronics as it provides the atmosphere that helps. The user to visualize the behavior of the electronics only over the unimaginably view it or without it. Simulated events were enough to achieve specific behavioral goals. The proposed simulation program helped reduce the time and effort expended to train students compared to traditional training methods. Keywords - instruction, simulation, training, program, electronic