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Wireless DG Unit Controller Testing Based on WAMPAC IEC 61850

This paper analyzed the implementation of the IEC \TR 61850-90-5 upon its specifications within the wide area monitoring protection and control (WAMPAC) that can be used on the loss of main (LoM) function and reconnecting application. This analyzation has been done by using a distributed generation (DG) unit controller DG unit controller running based on the IEC 61850 standards. These DG unit controller had been constructed by using the open source “libiec61850” library and linked to the different clients’, data concentrator (DC) over the wireless communication system networks Internet protocol. Comparison between different communication system network channels had been made in which that show the favorable communication channel based on the achieving the IEC \TR 61850-90-5 specifications. Moreover, the different testing also show the successful implementation of the DG unit controlleras a native IEC 61850 standard distributed stations. This Lightweight Implementation of IEC 61850 has been made in order to reduce the complexity of the IEC 61850 standard implementation upon the development and research tasks. Keywords - IEC \TR 61850-90-5, Linux micro-controller, WAMPAC, Internet