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Li-Fi Based Renewable Energy Powered Automatic Maximum Speed Restriction System for Vehicles

Accidents often taken place in roads are found mainly due to vehicles running above the speed limit in that traffic zone. A very efficient concept of limiting the maximum speed of a vehicle automatically has been proposed using LI-FI technology. Here, a speed limit data is transmitted in the form of a high frequency modulated light along with the traffic signal light. Depending on the statistical and historical data of congestion and accidents with respect to time and season different speed limit is set at different traffic zones. The frequency at which the signal lamp is modulated is related to the maximum speed limit of that zone. An electronic device mounted in a vehicle receives the LI-FI signal while passing through the signal post. It decodes and gets the maximum speed limit data from the signal. This data is used to restrict the maximum speed of the vehicle through its electronic control unit (ECU). Electrical power of the transmitter and LED based signal system is acquired through a micro-wind turbine driven generator mounted on the signal post that gets rotational movement due to the thrust developed in wind by moving vehicles. Solar PV power and battery are also integrated for backup Keywords: LI-FI, turbine, ECU.