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Electromagnetic Field Measurement and Risk Assessment of Heat Cost Allocation Measuring Systems

There is widespread application of the central heating system in apartment buildings. It helps to improve energy efficiency and to promote energy savings. The metering of the energy consumption commercially has been applied in two ways as hot water measurement or thermal energy measurement. The measurement with remote reading systems provides great advantages in terms of time and accuracy with Radio Frequency (RF) technology. RF communication technologies have applications in many areas to make our lives easier. On the contrary, RF devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones increases exposure of electromagnetic fields. In this study, radiation level and risk assessment of the heat cost allocation measurement devices (HCAMD) were measured and discussed. According to the results of the totally 26 points electric field measurement, the value of the electromagnetic fields that can cause adverse health and biological effects have not been recorded. Keywords: Radio frequency, electromagnetic field, RF radiation, risk assessment, heat allocation measurement.