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Series Load Resonant Convertor For Induction Heating Application

Induction heating Applications have become immensely popular in today’s world due to its contactless, energy efficient, no smoke and environmentally clean heat treating methods. Typical Heavy Industrial Applications like Induction Welding & Annealing require operating on High power and High frequencies of the order of 100kwatt / 100 kHz. This Paper Proposes a voltage source series resonant convertor for high power (100kw) Induction heating application. It uses soft switching for the two-leg IGBT based Invertor which switches at variable frequency between 80 KHz to 100 KHz. A model is considered with Ron =1μ Ohm with Ton & Toff = 0 Sec. The model achieves proper power control for load ranging from 80 kW to 100kw. Keywords- Induction heating, Series Resonant convertor, Inverter.