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Enhancement of Power Transfer Capability OF Transmission Lines Using HTLS Conductor

Expansion of Transmission Network is necessary to meet growing electricity demand. Normally the growth rate is 8 to12%. Sometimes due to government policies like power for all and 9 hours day time agricultural supply, the load increases abnormally. Power supply to agriculture sector in some states of India is provided in two spells of 6 hours each. Instead of two spells it was decided to provide in single spell of 9 Hours day time supply to agricultural sector in some areas. Due to this reason the Unrestricted peak demand of a state which is about 7000 MW in base year is estimated to increase upto 10800 MW in span of one year due to the overlapping of spells. In this situation, the load growth is 4 to 5 times more than normal growth rate. To meet estimated demand, the enhancement of power transfer capacity of transmission network is essential and to be done in a short time frame of 12 months. To achieve the expansion of transmission network to meet the estimated additional 3800 MW in forthcoming year necessitated the reconductoring of some existing transmission lines to instead of erection new line by avoiding Right Of Way (ROW) problem, to increase power transfer capability of network depending upon the requirement. Comparison between Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced( ACSR), Super Thermal Aluminum Conductor Invar Reinforced (STACIR) and Aluminum Conductor Composite Core( ACCC) conductors is made based on the power transfer capacity, transmission losses and receiving end voltage for selection of suitable conductor. The enhancement of power transfer capability, power loss and voltage profile of HTLS conductors against the conventional ACSR is discussed in detail in this paper. Index Terms- ACCC-Aluminum Conductor Composite Core, ACSR – Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced, HTLS – High Temperature Low Sag, INVAR: a kind of Ni-Fe Alloy, STACIR (Super Thermal Aluminum Conductor Invar Reinforced), STU - State Transmission Utility