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Design of Digital Controller For Active Power Filter Based on P-Q Theory

In AC electrical systems, harmonic distortion is a common disturbance. This harmonic disturbances can cause the waveform of voltage or current distorted periodically. Active power filter (APF) is one method to repair the distorted waveform by injecting anti-harmonic waveform. This paper describes the use of a digital controller to control the Active power filter in order to obtain anti-harmonic waveforms to eliminate harmonic waveform. Digital controller programming is done using MATLAB® software. p-q Theory is used to separate fundamental components with the harmonic components so that anti-harmonic waveforms can be calculated. Based on the implementation results can be seen that the control system that used is able to generate of anti-harmonic waveform to compensate distorted waveform so that the results are already in sinusoidal conditions. Index Terms— Harmonic, p-q Thory, Active Power Filter, Reference Current.