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Partial-Resonant Flyback Converter Analysis and Comparison to the Standard Flyback Converter

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is commonly used in power electronics applications thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. However, it suffers from high switching losses, frequency limitation, and need for clamping circuits. Resonant and partial resonant converters are created to find solutions to these problems. Their main aim is to decrease the switching losses and enable higher frequency operation. A novel Partial-Resonant Flyback converter was presented in 2014 and its operation and advantages were explained in this referred paper. This paper aims to conduct a detailed loss analysis between this referred topology and PWMFlyback. Moreover, some practical issues such as semiconductor switch, inductor, output capacitor, and gating circuit selection were also compared between two topologies. A simulation model was used for this purpose and the results were presented. Keywords- pulse width modulation; partial resonant; Flyback converter; loss analysis; reverse blocking IGBT.