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Review on Noise Removal Techniques of ECG

The field biomedicine that governed the amusement ofengineers is that of electrocardiography (ECG). It is the most widely used, noninvasive medical diagnostic test. One of the major challenges is to boost the performance of the ECG system by increasing the number of coincidentally recorded biosignals, attaining better signals to noise ratio (SNR). The ascend in data acquisition rate is also a concern in the design of any ECG systems. ECG has substantial and utmost significance in the field of medicine, and the applications of ECG monitoring are vividly used. There are various types of noise due to which ECG gets altered, falsified and corrupted. The various noise types considered were 50Hz power line interface, base line drift due to respiration, abrupt base line shifts, and a composite noise constructed from all of the other noise types. In this paper study is done on different noise removal techniques like adaptive filter, wavelet transform and various types of filters. Keywords— Electrocardiogram (ECG), SNR, Adaptive filter, Wavelet transform, AWGN, Power Line Interference.