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A Review Paper on Burst Scheduling Algorithm For WIMAX OFDMA System

Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) is a Broad Band Wireless Access (BWA) technology. It provides high data rates and multimedia services. It also supports Quality of Services (QoS) for various types of application. When large number of users use these application, the OFDMA is used to divide the channel into several subchannels and those subchannel can be provided for different users. The resource allocation method in OFDMA system manages the distribution and assignment of shared resources among the users serviced by the base station. The OFDMA resource allocation algorithm determines which user to schedule, how to allocate subcarrier to than, and how to determine the appropriate power levels for each user on each subcarrier. Keywords— WIMAX, scheduling, OFDMA, burst scheduling, subframe.