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Distribution Network Reconfiguration

The 11th India’s Economic Development Plan(2007-2012) proposes a very important goal of “Power for all”: supply electricity to all Indian households without interruption y the end of the plan in 2012. Currently the potential demand for electricity in India exceeds by about 15% ,resulting in regular power cuts households, business and industries. Power loss in distribution system occurs due to resistance of transmission line. This resistance of line included from generating station to load i.e. resistance of distribution and transmission line. Resistance of distribution system is large compare to transmission system. Therefore, 80% losses occur in the distribution system. Ideally, losses in a power system should be around 3 to 6%. In developed countries it is not more than 10%. However, in developing countries like India, the percentage of active losses is around 20%. Therefore, It should be minimized to meet excess demand of 15%. Keywords— Distribution System; Network Reconfiguration; Loss Minimization; Radiality; Tie Switches; Sectionalize Switches.