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Analysis of The Performance of Tree Cluster Based Data Gathering Algorithm in WSN

Wireless sensor networks are presently an emergent area for Research and Development because sensor network constitute a platform for many applications associated to monitoring the surroundings, healthcare, military surveillance and many more. Wireless sensor networks have a major cause of concern from the energy point of view. Data collection in wireless sensor nodes has been a major concern when are looking to save energy in a real time scenario especially in reactive network. With limited energy of all the nodes, an efficient data gathering algorithm plays a major role. In order to improve the energy efficiency, Tree-cluster based data gathering algorithm is used for data gathering purpose. This Algorithm consists of three stages, tree construction, Rendezvous Points(RPs) and Sub-Rendezvous Points(SRPs) selection, and data collection. However, this protocol uses the only two hop neighbours for weight calculations. In this paper an improved TCBDGA algorithm is proposed. The proposed algorithm uses more than two hops neighbours for tree construction to gather data. The time stability, Energy and Throughput have been used as the parameter to show improved results. Keywords— Data Gathering Algorithm; TCBDGA; Selection Weight Calculation; I-TCBDGA