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Energy Audit: A Case Study of an Academic Building

Energy is very important constraints in all sectors for any country’s economy. The economic development of any country is closely linked with consumption of energy. Coal and gas are conventional sources of energy and available in limited forms. Both this sources are important for electricity generation. It is very necessary to optimize use of natural resources and it is necessary to avoid energy crisis. Energy demand has increased as its consumption is increased so proper energy conservation methodology to be adopted. Energy conservation avoids wasteful use of energy. Energy saving achieved through energy efficiency and conservation also avoids capital investment in fuel, mining, transport, water and land required for power plant, thereby mitigating environmental pollution. A study of energy audit and conservation is carried out in many different sectors like industrial and agriculture. Academic sector is one of the major energy consuming sectors. This paper has mainly focuses on identification of energy conservation in academic sector. Academic sector consist of many schools, colleges of different field. This paper deals with the energy audit of an engineering college. Estimation of monthly energy consumption is studied through analysis of electric bills. Energy conservation areas are identified. The purpose of this paper is to carry out energy audit of the institute offering engineering programs. It will help to implement the energy efficient project for improving energy efficiency in academic building. Index Terms— Energy Audit; Energy Conservation;