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Analytical RDH Approach For Image Processing Using Reversing Room Before Encryption

In this paper a novel framework for data hiding based on reversible data hiding is presented for lossless data recovery approach. Reversible data hiding on encrypted images is most successful approach for its excellent property of lossless data recovery. Data hiding in digital images is a challenging task from last few decades since maintaining the image contents confidentiality and security to hidden data is an area of concern. The conventional algorithms in the literature which are proposed are subjected to errors at data extraction or data restoration process because these algorithms embed data by reversibly vacating room from the encrypted images. The proposed algorithm is more efficient than the conventional algorithm propose a novel method by reserving room before encryption with a traditional RDH algorithm, and thus it is easy for the data hider to reversibly embed data in the encrypted image. The proposed method can achieve real reversibility, that is, data extraction and image recovery are free of any error. Finally the Experiments show that this novel method can embed more than 10 times as large payloads for the same image quality as the previous methods. Keywords— RDH, Image encryption PSNR.