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Secured Entry and Face Detection Privacy to Prevent Robbery in Self-Service Banking System

This paper gives a proposal for preventing robbery in self-service banks. This proposal must need to authenticate the person using the self-service banking machine. Before entering into the ATM premises, the person has to be authenticated by vehicle engine number or the mobile IP address that they are using permanently, or incase inform the bank authorities if changed. Once the ATM card is accessed, the user operates the ATM machine, a face detector is placed in the machine which will recognize the distinct feature of the users face and if the database is matched with the bank details, even the time limit will be displayed on the screen. If the user does not do the transaction on specified time, the ATM door premises will get automatically closed. A safety access button is provided at the door step for the person to come out. Index Terms— Authenticated, Self-service banking, Face detector, Database.