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PLC Based Intelligent Traffic Control System

Switched mode rectifiers are popular nowadays for supplying dc loads and the main challenge is to obtain high efficiency with better power factor. This paper focuses on boost and interleaved boost converter. Boost converter is a type of DC-DC converter whose output voltage is greater than that of the input voltage. But the conventional boost converter puts a limitation on the duty ratio to obtain a higher output. Therefore, Interleaved Boost converter (IBC) is proposed in this paper. The parallel connection of boost converter results in interleaved converter. IBC is better than a conventional boost converter as it reduces the input current ripple, output voltage ripple and the component size and improves the transient response. Also an Interleaved Boost converter offers a better power factor improvement compared to conventional Boost converter. This paper deals with the comparative study of boost and IBC for power factor correction in terms of input and output current ripple, voltage ripple, THD and power factor[1]. The results show that there is a considerable reduction in the ripple and power factor improvement in the case of Interleaved Boost converter than a Boost converter. Simulation of the proposed circuits is executed in MATLAB and the results are verified. Keywords- Boost converter, Interleaved Boost converter, Matlab, power factor