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Design of Scan-Capable Fabry Perot Cavity Antenna Using Artificial Magnetic Conductors

Fabry-Perot cavity(FPC) antennas with artificial magnetic conductor(AMC) surface are designed in order to provide scan capability by 4×1 array feed inside the cavity. The proposed antenna, excited by 4×1 thinned array, not only achieve higher directivities but also improve suppression of sidelobe level(SLL) relative to that of the thin array alone. The FPC antenna with the height of a quarter wavelength generate maximum gain of 19 dB, SLL suppression of 14 dB and maximum scan angle of 8° under the feed phase difference of 90° at the design frequency of 12 GHz. Keywords- Directivity, superstrate, sidelobe level suppression, grating lobe, artificial magnetic conductor, FDTD