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Fault Location in Long HVDC Transmission Line: Case Study

In this paper, an analytical case study has been done on the fault location technique used in Chandrapur – Padghe transmission line. The Chandrapur – Padghe ±500KV 1500MW Bipolar HVDC transmission line is 752KM long link. It inter connects the Eastern and the Western part of Maharashtra State and evacuates the power from Eastern part to the Western part of the State. It is in operation since November 1999 till the date, successfully fulfilling the power demand of the State. There are times when fault occurs on the transmission line and thus creating obstacles in the power transmission. It is very necessary to clear the line fault as soon as possible in order to keep the performance going of the power plant and the Eastern part of the State. For clearing the fault within less possible time, the power engineer must find out the location of the fault. But when the length of the transmission line is taken into account, it is very hard to trace the exact location of the fault. Technology used for fault location in HVDC Chandrapur – Padghe transmission line is travelling wave transducer i.e. TWT. The paper considers, the working of travelling wave transducer, its limitations and suggestions for better fault locating method has been presented. It is based on continuous wavelet transform. Index Terms— Fault location,Transmission lines, Transducer, Travelling waves, Wavelet transform.