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Differential Evolution Based Tuning of PID Controller For an Automatic Voltage Regulator System

This paper presents the implementation of DE algorithm for PID controller tuning for automatic voltage regulator systems so that more expeditious settling to rated voltage is ascertained and AVR is closed loop system compensated with a PID controller. In this paper two AVR examples are considered. In one plant saturation non-linearity is neglected and second plant saturation non-linearity is considered. Differential evolutions are habituated to tune the parameters of PID controller, to procure optimal solution. Optimal control parameters (proportional gain, integral gain, derivative gain) are obtained by minimizing the objective function ITAE (integral time absolute error). Simulations are done to show the performance of PID controlled AVR system tuned utilizing z-n method and differential evolutions are utilized. Index Terms— PID, saturation non-linearity, differential evolution.