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Modeling of a Hybrid Power System For Economic Analysis and Environmental Impact to Reduced Grid Extension of Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Station: An Application of Homer

Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Station (SSTPS) is the first super thermal plant of Rajasthan, India. It has installed capacity of 1500 MW of total six unit of each 250 MW and 1320 MW is increases in next two year. This is the highest installed capacity in Rajasthan. The purpose of this paper is to propose the best hybrid technology combination for SSTPS on behalf of SSTPS to reduced grid extension. Electricity need for an off-grid remote area supply from a mixture of Biodiesel generator and renewable energy resources to satisfy in a reliable manner. Here we are using HOMER (Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources) software for whole analysis. The electrical power of the hybrid system comes from the mixture of biodiesel generator, photovoltaic panels and wind generators, while the batteries are used as backup units. Using HOMER, this paper identifies the overall output from hybrid power system is compare with conventional SSTPS grid. The simulation results indicate that the proposed hybrid system would be a feasible solution for distributed generation of electric power for remote locations. Hybrid system can be a cost-effective alternative to grid extension. Hybrid system is sustainable, techno-economically viable and environmentally sound. Keywords— Super Thermal Station, HOMER, Hybrid System, Distributed Generation.