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Systematic Study of ESD Protection Methods For an Electronic System: Tablet

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is the most often observed event. In a case of electronic devices, the effect of ESD is the savior. ESD can affect the passive components, ICs (Integrated Circuits) or even the entire system (electronic device). This paper focuses on analyzing the already existing ESD protection circuits at different stages in electronic devices starting from IC stage and ends on system level ESD protection. When considering ESD protection at the IC level it is comparatively easy to protect. But it is not necessary that having ESD protection can completely protect an IC when the IC is mounted on a PCB to make an electronic device. Hence, starting from IC to the entire system how the approach of ESD protection is developed is explained in this paper. Also, this paper will compare different ways to protect a device from ESD issue and will state the trade-off factors in ESD protection. Keywords— ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), IC, Electronic Devices.