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Improvement in Learning on Technical Education in The Electricity Area Through the Development and Use of an App For the Circuits Analysis. The Case: Accomplex in Brazil

Enhance learning in high school with a focus on electricity area with the use of mobile technology is the goal of this work. From the development of an app for smartphones that help learning mathematics with Complex Numbers and its application in Electrical Circuits Analysis of Alternating Current, a set of strategies was developed for the engagement of students in theirs learning process. With the use of techniques such as PBL and Flipped Class, a collaborative development environment was created for producing Apps, exploring of the abstract concepts in the learning of the circuit analysis in alternating current. In this environment, simulation tools were produced in the field of mathematics assisting learning in the conversion of Complex Numbers in rectangular and polar notation, virtual load test, current calculation complex power and graphical representation for the power triangle applied to the circuit alternating current. Keywords— Mobile Learning, Electricians, Analysis Circuits, Technical Education, object learning.