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Performance Analysis of Automatic Generation Control in Two Area Power System Using Integral Controller

This paper describes an application of automatic generation control in two area power system by using with and without integral controller. The main purpose of operating AGC is to keep uniform the frequency changes during the load changes. It is ensure that their steady errors to be zero. In an interconnected power system, as a power load demand varies randomly, both area frequency and tie line power interchange also vary. As a consequence of load variations, the frequency of the generator changes overtime. Frequency transients are minimized and zero steady state error is obtained. This paper will study about the two area frequency variation and tie-line power flow deviation in comparison of with and without controller. This paper also presents the detail analysis and comparisons of load changes for both areas 1 and area 2 that affected on the variation of load and frequency. Details of integral (tie-line) bias control, frequency control and area control error (ACE) are also described to perform the simulation model of two area power system. For this application MATLAB/ SIMULINK software is used. Index Term— Frequency Deviation and Tie-line Power Flow, Area Control Error, Two Area Power System, With and Without Integral Controller.