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System Performance Under Solar Irradiation and Temperature Variation of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System

The main purpose of this paper is to observe the system performance under solar irradiation and temperature variation of grid-connected photovoltaic system. The photovoltaic generator is connected to the boost DC-DC converter to get the DC link constant voltage, and then integrated into the AC utility grid by DC/AC voltage source inverter via the step up transformer. The boost converter control is based on the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) with incremental conductance algorithm. Pulse width modulation with phase lock loop control technique is applied for controlling the performance of the three phase three levels voltage source inverter which interfaces with the utility grid line. The technical characteristic of photovoltaic array is simulated for the proposed system capacity of 80 kW, and then, the power converting performance of the system components are observed under variation of solar radiation and temperature. The overall system output which injected into the utility AC grid line is investigated by simulating with MATLAB/ SIMULINK, and the proposed system performance is analysed for the input variations which depend on weather conditions. Index Terms— DC-DC boost converter, Grid connected photovoltaic system, MPPT Algorithm, System performance, Three phase three level inverter.