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Implementation of Intelligent Automatic Vehicle Accident Prevention and Detection System

A safe driving system of vehicle for drunk and driving cases, in this project we have used an accident detecting sensor in vehicle which detects accident and sends messages continuously within every 5 minutes. In this process LPC 1768 is connected with GSM and GPS modules. GPS module gets the position of vehicle with longitude and latitude then via GSM it sends the messages. In which the vehicle is tracked from the remote places around the ground. GSM modem and GPS module are communicated by the ARM LPC1768 processor. This processor is kept in the mobile vehicle. This processor will communicate with GPS module in regular time slots and transmits the geo information to the central main station which has the longitude and latitude information through the GSM network. ARM lpc1768 gets the accidental information through the ADXL sensor. This sensor detects the accidental information by the vibrations and mechanical forces of the vehicle. By making use of GPS, the accidental location is got. And this geo location is sent to the 108 and authorized members using GSM module. The goal of the project is to secure the vehicles and to save it from the interlopers. Combination of Ultrasonic sensor, Eye blink sensor and Speed sensor are used for accident prevention and detection. Keywords— GPS module, GSM Module, ARM LPC1768, ADXL sensor, speed sensor, eye blink sensor.