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Secured Data Transmission in Encrypted H.264/Avc Video Stream

Now a days, there is large growth in use of multimedia applications such video conferencing, video telephony, stream video/audio online etc. These types of applications need the large storage and high bandwidth to transmission through the network. So for the purpose of highly secure and safe data transmission and privacy, there is needed to be encryption of digital video. During the encryption of video, the additional data hiding process can be performed and provide the authentication. In this paper proposed scheme is the secure data transmission with directly hiding data in the encrypted version of H.264/AVC video is presented, which includes different parts are H.264/AVC video and data encryption, data embedding and data extraction. The video properties are analyzed with the codewords of IPMs, the codewords of MVDs, and the codewords of residual coefficients. The content owner can encrypts the original H.264/AVC video stream with encryption keys to produce encrypted video stream and the code word substitution for the data embedding purposes. To increase the security and to improve the performance of data Blowfish algorithm is used for encryption with secret-key which is taken as input from Arduino. Without knowledge of the content original video, a data hider may embedded extra data with the encrypted domain by using codeword substitution technique. Data extraction can be done either in the encrypted domain or in the decrypted domain, in order to adapt to different application. Furthermore, video file size is strictly preserved even after encryption and data embedding. Keywords— Blowfish, Codeword substituting, Data hiding, Encryption, H.264/AVC