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Arm Based Smart Single Phase Energy Meter With Automatic Bill Generation And SMS Alert

A cost effective novel single phase digital energy meter is developed with the help of an ARM based microcontroller which is capable of calculating true values of active, reactive and apparent power, power factor, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and energy consumed. The designed meter is simple, portable and easily reconfigurable according to specific needs. The parameters calculated are transmitted to the billing station through wired means of communication thus eliminating the need for the utility personnel to visit each home individually for noting the meter readings/generating the bill. This data gets logged in and is used for generating bills and can also be used for analysis in order to improve the power quality and understand the load and usage pattern. The detailed bill generated can be mailed to the customer’s Email ID and minimal information extracted from this bill can be sent to the user’s registered mobile number automatically via SMS. Index Terms— Digital Energy Meter, Electricity Bill Generation, GSM Module, Low Cost, Mbed NXP LPC1768, User Notification.